Mirena Lawsuits and Law Firms

4It is sure that almost all women, who are trying to find contraceptive methods through the web, have heard about the Mirena spiral and it is sure that you have been shocked when you heard about the lawsuits that have been performed to it.

Many women, who have placed Mirena into their uterus, have claimed that they have some serious side effects to their organism and some of them also claim that these side effects are permanent and very risky. Mirena is a contraceptive method, that became really popular just from the first months of its appearance and that is the reason why many women are facing health issues. Mirena is a T shaped spiral that after its placement, is releasing a hormone that is called levonorgestrel, which is similar to a hormone that the organism produces on its own in larger quantities. This hormone has the ability to eliminate the sperm and so the women who placed it have no chance to be pregnant. All of the above details are included in the instruction papers that come with its purchase. The things that these papers do not mention are some serious side effects that many women claim that it has caused them. Some of these side effects are acne, loss of hair, gaining weight, depression, anxiety, external bleeding and no bleeding at all when the period time comes. On the other hand, some women mention that after the removal of Mirena they have reduced chances of getting pregnant as the Mirena affected their fertility.

If you have any similar problems with all the things that have been mentioned above or even if you are considering the specific contraceptive method, think again and have in your mind the Mirena lawsuits. It is sure that you will make the right choice.

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